Tumblers + Bowls: Optics + Folds

Boyd SugikiBoyd Sugiki
Apr 23-25th
10a-6p (Lunch options included daily)
$775 – 6 spaces available

During this intermediate class, we will use optic molds and various folds to add design elements to the tumbler and bowl form. Working in clear glass, and with optic molds, you will discover how to form the glass by utilizing your heat effectively. We will also learn to utilize the inner and outer folded ring as a decorative element. Consideration in terms of placement depending on the contour of the forms will be discussed, in addition to when and how. Blown feet will also be covered in the workshop. Working efficiently, creating thinner pieces, and building confidence will be the goals of the course as instruction will be personalized to build on individual skills. Refine your skills by focusing on the tumbler, and bowl, while learning how to use optic molds and incorporate rings into your glass work!

Course level: Intermediate 2 years previous experience

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Price: $ 775.00

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